Our Chruch


About us

The Free Apostolic Pentecostal Church was founded at the end of 1965 in Greece. Today there are more than 160 churches worldwide. The Free Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Dusseldorf began in a house group which quickly developed into the first church in Dusseldorf. Over the years, the work has been so blessed by the Lord that the church has had to move to larger facilities for the fourth time. In May 2021, the Free Apostolic Church Dusseldorf moved to a suburb of Dusseldorf, Neuss-Meerbusch.

Church service

We have church services several times a week. The service is splitted into a prayer time and a sermon, each lasting one hour. During the prayer time, everyone can pray to God for themselves, thank him and bring their requests to him. The prayer is accompanied by hymns in between. After the prayer, the main part of the service takes place, the sermon. During the sermon, individual passages from the Bible are read out, on which the sermon is then based. In addition, communion (Eucharist) takes place every Sunday after the sermon.


Youth meetings

The youth meeting takes place every two weeks with the support of the elders and deacons of the church. The meeting place as well as the programme are based on the wishes of the group. For example, the youth group may meet in the church, pray together, sing hymns and share experiences with the Lord. There are also trips planned together, as well as meetings in house groups to strengthen the community.